Welcome, my name is Becky White.

I am a creative practitioner living and working in the South West of England. Currently I am studying for a PhD in Music Therapy at the University of The West of England, looking into experiences music and music therapy students have when learning to improvise music. I am an associate lecturer and teach music therapy at the University of the West of England and The University of South Wales.

I qualified as a music therapist in 2001 and have worked extensively with children and young people with special needs. Between 2001 and 2007 I worked around the Essex and North/East London areas in schools and community settings. Since 2007 I have worked in Newbury, Wiltshire and Bristol with young people with autism and adults with learning disabilities.

As a self-taught visual artist I have exhibited at the Pewsey Tea Rooms and Blue Stone Gallery in Devizes. I create illustrative drawings, mainly using fibre pens and ink. I am particularly interested in drawing as a discipline and how drawing can be used as a tool for self-expression.

I play trombone, bass guitars and piano. Over the past five years I have focused on the bass guitar, extended techniques and its role as an instrument. I use a Crafter acoustic bass and Dean fretless with Carlsbro amp as my main performance set-ups. Playing jazz standards and song writing.

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