Welcome to my poetry page.

I started writing poetry in summer 2013,  it came out of a need to write song lyrics. Listening to the folk singer I was performing with at the time; it dawned on me that poetry is as much about the sound of the words, as the meaning. This gave me a starting place. I have written around 200 poems since this time and this year have started taking opportunities to share them, in places such as the local pub or local church.

Here are three of my poems to give you a taster.

The Music Within

The Music within

My Body




from head to toe

and prompts

me to move


stepping beyond

my boundaries

my space

and into the space

between us

between you and me

me and you





The Table

Laid out for the unseen guest,

waiting to give;

broad, oak, washed wood, is laden with, goodness. Strewn across,

with apples, plucked from the Orchard.

A bowl of Chestnuts, brown, shiny, and gathered.

Walnuts, cracked, mallated.

Wax candles, waiting, waiting, waiting for the dark.

Honey, sticky, sweet, squeezed.

Two loaves, dark and white, pale and rugged, baked and fresh,

fresh for the morning guest.

Yoghurt, oats.

Waiting, waiting,

to be mixed.

A place at the table, the unseen guest.

Who is fed, watered, musiked.

He comes in the guise of the stranger

knocks at your door,

welcome him in,

don’t turn him away.

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