Visual Art

Welcome to my visual art page. Drawing always been an important part of my journey, when younger I wanted to study art and music together, eventually taking the music path. I come from an artistic family and many other family members are artists, craftsmen and designers. I am self-taught and love the act of drawing, of holding a pen in your hand and mark-making. Over the years I have specialised in drawing cartoons, textile arts and drawing with fibre pens.

Since 2011 I have exhibited in galleries in the South West of England.

8.9.16 Drawn Music: Drawing in response to musical experience.

I am working on a series of drawings which explore the experience of music making.

The Song Catcher:

‘The Song Catcher’ is about an imagined mythical creature who roams the earth looking for songs. The pictures are about the process of song-writing and how they can appear to have a will of their own. That music is often experienced as out-side of ourselves, and  the musician is a vessel for sound.


‘The Song Catcher Improvises’, watercolour and inkpen.


‘Flow’ is the experience of getting caught up in the moment, learning new skills, when everything seems to come together (Csikszenmihalyi, 1988). Musicians often experience flow when improvising music, it is an extremely absorbing activity and requires high levels of attention. I am researching ‘flow’ experience and the learning of improvisation skills for my PhD project. As part of this process, I have used visual arts to reflexively explore the topic of flow. Thinking about what this experience might look like if you were to draw it. From this I have created a series of short pictures using high quality fibre-pens.


The Musical Flow Moment – Bodies and Notations



December 2015

I recently discovered the joy of high quality fibre tip pens, and have been exploring these, creating some new art work on the theme of ‘the world beneath, thinking about the chalk landscape and ancient seas and also the subconscious mind …

Undersea watermarked





May 2015

I have created a set of greetings cards inspired by the beautiful landscape of Pewsey Vale and Wiltshire.



Hallett’s Meadow


Summer Swallows


Kirsty’s Meadow


Orange Wing


Rose Birds



May 2015

The Prayer Path

I have also made some poetry-prayer-postcards. These are postcards with artwork on one side and a poem on the other. All the poems are about faith and listening.

Wade in the Water

Treading carefully on grassy pathway, so as not to disturb flower filled meadow. Each day brings, fresh colours faces. The path holding steps, present and past. The air surrounds, warm and sweet, wind in the leaves, bird song on air. This path trodden so many times, holds memories, feelings thoughts. Prayers dropping like stones. Offered up to the spirit, father. Who loves to walk the grassy path. Take time, stop, and listen to his presence. Just walk, don’t speak, listen with heart, listen with mind, listen with body, listen with soul … and you will hear his voice.

A display of these cards will be going up in St Johns Pewsey. I hope to make this a mobile display and take it to other churches and places of prayer.



The Music Meadow

My art is illustrative in nature, using drawing pens, watercolour pencils and gel pens. I have recently been creating imagined landscapes, which are directly influenced by the chalk lands of my childhood and also Pewsey Vale where I now live. I am currently working on a series of illustrations to accompany a book of poetry about the experience of making music. The illustrations will be imagined musical landscapes and journeys which reflect the inner life of the musician creating their art.

My current work in progress – illustrative art for poetry about music making….



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